At Nibbles, our platters are a feast for the eyes but they also taste as delicious as they look.

We pride ourselves on serving unique platters which are bursting with fresh, high quality, locally sourced and homemade goodies.
Our platter-boxes are special because we curate each and every one of them with a lot of heart, thought and soul. It must be why we have so many incredible varieties to choose from, our imagination is as colourful as our platters.
We make each and every platter to order and whether it’s your first order or tenth, they only get better. We have the freedom to be creative which means we can add new, delicious goodies to our choices at any time - which we know you’ll love.
Our plant based boxes are hygienically lined with plant based greaseproof paper before layer upon layer of wonderful, delicious, food is added. Creating a feast for the eyes and stomach!
We’re as highly focused on quality as we are on quantity which means there is true value to our boxes and we have very happy customers who often marvel that we far exceed their expectations - most of whom order time and time again!
You won’t find flowers, filler (whole loaves of bread/trays of crackers etc.) or anything else taking up valuable space for delicious Nibbles.
Each and every tasty morsel of food is strategically placed for maximum enjoyment - not simply thrown together in a box.
We value consistency, quality, creativity and of course, value for money before anything else. 
This is why you won’t find another grazing company quite like Nibbles at your Service. 

5* Food Hygiene Rating

We are proud to uphold the highest food hygiene standards and have subsequently been awarded the top 5* hygiene rating.

We hold full public liability insurance and retain current certifications in food safety, hygiene standards and allergen awareness.